3 Things to Know Before Your First Botox Appointment

When you are considering Botox injections, it’s natural to have a lot of questions. After all, you are changing a part of your body. You want to know everything that is going to happen, and what the risks are. Before you step into the Medi Spa to get your very first Botox treatment, this blog post will outline a few important things you should know about the procedure.

Botox is Much More Common Than You Think

Did you know that Botox has been in the top two most performed aesthetic procedures in the United States for 20 years? Thousands of people invest in Botox treatments for not only aesthetic reasons, but also for potential health benefits. Botox has a vast variety of positive effects, depending on what kind you choose and what your skin goals are. With so many people getting different Botox treatments each year, the science and research behind the injections has never been more reliable.

Botox Adheres to Very High Medical Standards

Years of clinical trials and studies have fed into the success of Botox that we are seeing today. At present, experts across the globe are creating new kinds of Botox to help people reach their aesthetic goals, and the Botox brand adheres to extremely high cleanliness procedures when producing and packing every vial of product. Botox is FDA-approved for a reason, and that reason is to keep you 100% safe.

Whether you are looking at lip injections, face injections, or wrinkle-resistant Botox injections, you can be confident that your licensed provider knows exactly what they’re doing. Our nurse injector, Veronica Garza, at Create Medical Aesthetics is uniquely qualified to walk you through the entire Botox process comfortably. While Botox keeps getting more and more mastered throughout the years, there hasn’t been a better or safer time than today to get your first procedure.

Botox Focuses on Your Muscles, Not Your Skin.

Unlike chemical peels and facials, Botox doesn’t directly target your skin. Instead, it effectively “freezes” the muscles underneath your skin. Many first-time visitors to the Medi Spa assume Botox will cause their skin to appear plastic-like or unnatural, while in reality, it is quite the opposite. With the right provider, your Botox treatments will look natural and will in no way affect your daily facial expressions.

Clearly, you may still have some Botox questions you want to be answered before coming into the Medi Spa. The experts at Create Medical Aesthetics are available to take your call and answer any questions you may have about Botox injections to ensure that your first visit has no surprises, only fantastic results!